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Heroic "having the characteristics of a hero or heroine; very brave."

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

I have been called this by a few friends and I reject it. I am a plenty scared of dying and I get scared of losing mobility, I get scared every time I can't breath and a dozen other things I am scared about. But I am stubborn and opinionated. If that is what people see I would agree. I also really enjoy problem solving so ALS was made for me. I have to figure out different ways of doing things. My left hand is useless so I have to open the Jevity boxes with my right hand. Easy, obvious adjustment. But I also have a plan for when my right hand doesn't work anymore. Note the handle of the scissors. I can still use my left hand with no strength and open a container that way. Assuming my right progress the same way I should be able to do that for awhile.

Of course I am going to run out of ideas long before ALS is done with me but so far I am keeping up. That is the stubborn side of me. And do I really need to give any of you an example of me being opinionated? Thank you. No need to go there. Closing the Syringe with my food in it is getting harder. But I can hold it level with the counter top and place the plunger head on the counter and push against it and empty the syringe. I never could get used to that breathing machine. I think they finally have set up right. But I needed it six months ago so I figured out a fan blowing in my face might work and it did.

The other characteristic I am nurturing is being unafraid of society. I will admit it isn't that much of a stretch for me. But I do have to force myself out of my comfort zone. So today was a good day for me. I drove the car out for a pedicure and got it washed and felt safe doing so even thought my strength is failing. No close calls for any doubters out there. And while I was at the shop getting my nails done I was asked if I wanted them colored. I indicated no with my head. Then I thought about it and said even if it makes me uncomfortable why not. So here is a picture of my decision.

Does this look Heroic? I think not.

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