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Guest Post - Roxanna Popescu

Thank you for writing back. (And there's no need to reply.) I imagine words cannot offer any or much comfort or peace, but if they could, I wish this message could ease your burden and make your next transition easier.

If this is the last time we exchange messages, I would like to join the chorus of people who say you've impacted their lives. With your insight, generosity, candor, intellect, humor, and perseverance you've built a powerful written collection that people can continue to read and learn from, long into the future.

I'm more educated now about ALS than I was a year ago, all because of your writing. And I'm a richer, more sensitive human, also because of your writing. Your blog, combined with your work in newspapers, has ripple effects that can't be measured. How many people are more informed, more connected to their world, because of you.

I will pay it forward. When I can use my reporting to keep the spotlight on this illness and the need for a cure, I will do that. Because of you.

Thank you. Wishing you wholeness and peace.


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1 Comment

Russ Newton
Russ Newton
May 01, 2022


Thank for the post, it means a lot to me how you are feeling for me.

Thank you,


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