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Andre Thomas - Guest Post

Gratitude I met Russ in the early 90's at the Orlando Sentinel when he was the Packaging Manager and I was a young up coming Packaging Crew Chief. We was teammates on the Orlando Sentinel basketball team and Russ was our 3 point shooter back then. Russ loves basketball. I use to take Russ to the park in Orlando across the street from the Citrus Bowl to play basketball where all the top talent goes to play and Russ held his own. I learned a lot from Russ and created my management style from what I learned from watching and working with Russ. Russ is a man that gives opportunities to people who wants more for themselves. I left Orlando to work with Russ at CCN in California and with Russ's leadership and coaching became Operations Manager. I also, worked with Russ at San Antonio Express-News in the Press department. Russ convince me that working in the Press department in San Antonio would be better for my career and he was so correct. Russ left San Antonio to take the role of General Manager back in California at Bay Area Production Services which is called BAPS. I joined Russ at BAPS in 2018 and became the Packaging Manager. In 2019 under Russ's leadership I was promoted to Director of Operations. With Russ's retirement I became VP of Operations at BAPS with big shoes to fill to replace Russ. But, I was very confident that I would be successful due to Russ had prepared me over the years to take on this role and the responsibility that it came with. Russ has been my mentor, a friend and a big brother to me. Russ is a GREAT man with an even greater heart that totally believes in Diversity & Inclusion, I'm a perfect example of that. I will always have great respect and gratitude for what Russ has done for me. For the rest of my career one of my goals is to give back as Russ has always told me and to make him proud. Thanks Russ!! Andre Thomas

Andre "Dre" Thomas Russ at BAPS.

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