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Got a little over my ski's tonight.

I had not had an episode of not being able to breathe in a long time, at least six weeks and I was thinking to myself I was done with that. What a mistake! I purchased some blueberry jam and a bottle of honey today on the way back from a visit to my mothers grave. I put the honey in the refrigerator, not sure why when I got home. Just before I headed up for bed I membered that and took it out of the refrigerator. When I had it my hand I thought I would take a slug of if down for a little taste of sweetness before bed. Well I tilted the bottle back and took a small squeeze of the bottle in. (And you all know what happened next) I couldn't breathe. Well I as I walked to the bathroom I concentrated on breathing in deeply through my nose, I grabbed a towel and tried to get most it out of my mouth. Then I concentrated on breathing in deeply through my nose. And that brought some relief. Then I calmly walked back into the kitchen and poured a glass of water and that solved the no breathing part. Anyone need a bottle of just opened honey?

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1 Comment

Mark Dtayo
Mark Dtayo
Sep 09, 2021

What the hell you doing ski jumping?!?! Risky venture. Rates up there with eating jam and honey! Slow down!

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