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Emergency room for two days!

I took 800mgs of Advil at 5:30pm on Monday. Sat down and read a book for an hour and a half. Got up and felt like I was shot in the lower back. Pain was a legitimate 10. And I tried to scream but nothing came out. So I decided to go to the emergency room and get it checked out.

So after the hour plus it took me to get ready I summoned an Uber. Good call as we were getting rain and it was turning to ice when it hit the road. I went out the Uber and managed to stay upright until I got to the car. Then I slipped and fell and not because of ALS. I couldn't get up because of ALS but the Uber driver leaped from his car and helped me get up and in.

Got to the UW Emergency room at 9 pm. Sat for 15 minutes then got in and had an iv placed and an EKG taken that took 45 minutes total. Then back to the waiting room for 15 minutes then to a hospital room and into a gown. Two different doctors did a full exam of my body. Then the first one said she thought I suffered a bruised soft tissue injury and possibly a pulled muscle. But she would like to do a scan to make sure my ribs weren't cracked or broken.

So I waited about an hour then pushed the buzzer. After the guy who called over the radio figured out I was mute the doctor came in and said I would be soon. Then another hour goes bye and I buzz again and this time told I was number two up but if someone else came in they would go first if they were on blood thinners. I decided to stay. And then got the scan about 15 minutes later.

Well I waited until 3:30am before I got results. And to summarize, all good news! No broken or crack bones, no issue with my liver or kidneys. Just excruciating pain in my lower left back. But just a soft tissue injury lots of rest, lots of Advil and I will be fine with no pain.

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