• Russ Newton

Cycle trip to North Freedom Mid Continent Train Museum

Jim Pagel and I rode our cycles up to the closed (due to Covid 19) North Freedom Train Museum yesterday for a behind the scenes tour by Jim's brother and my former renter, David. Dave is volunteer at the Museum working on restoring 100+ year old vintage train cars. They average one a year and that seems might impressive to me after seeing the detailed effort they put into to doing everything authentic. If it was originally made from Teak wood, it is replaced with teak wood. This may be the last post for awhile, heading out West to some old friends for the last time before I am unable to drive. Think I will gone for 2.5 weeks depending on which way the wind blows.

Here i am in front of a steam powered snow removal train car.

North Freedom Train Depot

Here i am in front of a steam powered snow removal train car.

Old but still running steam trains.

The Freight House.

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