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Continue bored posting on life.

Today was a fairly exciting one for me. I went out and went to several stores today. First up was going to a UW Clinic and getting blood drawn. I am doing another ghost trial of ALS delaying medication. This one from one of my ALS Doctors. She gave me directions on how to get Sodium Phenylbutyrate. I have been taking that for three weeks now. But somewhere along the way I remembered that it was a combination of two drugs, not just the Phenylbutyrate. I wrote her and found out the second medication was called TUDCA 25G. When taken together they showed a delay in symptoms of loss of muscle use. So back to the story. I had to get a blood draw because "sodium phenylbutyrate can cause some electrolyte and blood count abnormalities". So they need to see if that is happening to me. So after I drove to the clinic I then went and got a haircut which was overdue. Then I went to a GNC to see if they had TUDCA and they didn't. Then I drove to CVS in Target at Hilldale to pick up my second anti drool medication. Then I went to Walmart to see if they had TUDCA and they didn't. Then I went to a Walgreens to look for it there and they didn't. So by then I was exhausted and came home and read a book to recover. That was the longest and most stores I have gone to in a real long time.


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