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Close call today.

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

I was driving West on I 80 about forty miles outside of Grand Island, Nebraska, my planned stop for the night. All of sudden, the tractor trailer in front of me, going 70 mph, just stopped. I swerved to the right, lost control, slid sideways down the right side of the highway, ran into one of the little poles (I thought at the time) and came to a safe stop. I got out, and this is what I saw.

This is the rear of the truck that the first truck struck.

This is the truck I was following that stopped suddenly.

I ran back to the truck to see what I could do for the driver, but two cops showed up and they reached the truck first. Thank god. They took a quick look and came back and told the three of us that were coming to help that the driver was dead.

I walked back to my car to see the damage to the side where I hit the pole. It was Plastic! So no damage to my car. Lots of grass stuck in various parts of the car. While I was pulling it out, a guy walked up (He was the driver behind me at the time of the accident) and said "You must be a Dukes of Hazard stunt driver, you handled that perfectly! I thanked him but said I have no clue what I did to avoid that. God must have another plan to take me, though I think of all you know how I think it is going to go. But I am still grateful it wasn't today. What a day.

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Aug 07, 2020

You’ve got an Angel sitting shotgun to ya Russ! 😇


Aug 06, 2020

Glad you are okay and I agree that god has another plan for you. Safe travels the rest of the way

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