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Chicago Tribune Remembered and grab bag.

By Dan Kunz stopping by and visiting me yesterday. I was a shift supervisor and Dan was a crew supervisor. We were all new to the job. Their had been a strike by the Compositors and the Pressroom went out in a sympathy strike to support them as I recall. Well eight weeks in or so the company decided to replace all the striking workers and Dan and I and about 300 new employees were running the press. It was pretty wild to see and remember. I was one of about a dozen employees that were trained to run the presses. In fact I was a training supervisor for 6 months before I was promoted to a shift supervisor.

But enough about that, Dan I talked for five hours. And we covered a lot of territory in our five hours. Health was a fertile field for both of us. Families were discussed and what we each been up to since we left the Tribune, I left in 1987 and Dan left in 2004. He reminded me he stayed in my home in Glendale in 2005 I think it was. So I was wrong to say I hadn't seen him in 37 years. But I had forgotten about it so it still kind of counts!.

It was good to catch up with Dan. Reminded me of my days at the Tribune, my first supervisory job. And where I learned the trick to management that worked so well for me in my career. Here it is. Before my first shift as a supervisor, I had a panic attack in my hotel room. I was gasping for breath and sweating profusely.. I had never supervised anyone and II didn't have any training. But then I calmed myself down by thinking I had been supervised for eight years before that. And I recalled two or three things I liked so I would do those. And I recalled a thousand things I hated. So I would just do the opposite of that and I should be fine. And I did that in every promotion I got in my life and it turned out just fine for me. .Don't think that is bad advice for people today either.

On other news I am fully moved downstairs and fully committed to living on one floor. I do make one or two forarys a day upstairs to retrieve something but I do that in the middle of the day when I feel strongest. I will be done with that soon then on one floor. I also am lucky to have a good friend in Tim Storey. He came over today and switched out a light from a room upstairs for the light that dangled down over the table in the kitchen and was about 5 feet clear of the floor. I would run into it all the time. So thanks Tim for me and my head!

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