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Catching up.

So after spending the night in New Orleans we then drove to my house in San Antonio. We had a beer at the Filing Station and that was about it. We washed some clothes, I made a pizza for Jim and that was about it. I did sleep well in my own bed. Then the next day we drove to Big Bend National Park and spend the evening at the Starlight Theatre. Had a good conversation with several locals. Jim discovered a bubble in the sidewall of my new front tire. So we traveled 300 miles hoping it would hold up to get to a BMW dealer in El Paso that had a tire that fit my car. My car and tires. That is the story of my travels. I can't go anywhere without having a tire problem. Of course the warranty office was closed so I had to pay for the tire. I will get the money back when I get back to Wisconsin and can pursue the matter. Tonight we in Las Cruses, New Mexico. Tomorrow we hit Phoenix for a couple of days. I will see my sister and we will be staying at Jim's brother in laws place for a rest day.

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