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Wow! Can not make this crap up! It is dangerous to travel with me.

Jim in the

My best friend in life, almost bit the big one today. He woke up with lower GI issues but that wasn't enough for him. He broke into a full body cold sweat and finally we called 911. The ambulance gets him to the hospital and they will not let me in. I try to find out what is going on from a nurse at the front door, and she advises me to come back in a hour. So I went back to the hotel, clean the room out and moved everything to the car., thinking/hoping it was a GI issue and once they got him cleaned out he would be good to go. Nope! It turns out Jim was having a heart attack. The kind known as the Widow Maker to be exact. Luckily for Jim he was 7 miles from a qualified trauma center. And he got there in time for them to save his life. They diagnosed the heart attack and got him into the operating room quickly enough to place a stent and relieve Jim of the terrible pain he had been in for at least two hours. Continuing the trip is out for Jim. He hopes to get released tomorrow and fly home the next day. I am in a hotel near Fremont CA trying to decide if I should continue the trip or head home. TBD. But all our thoughts and dare I say prayers should be directed towards Jim tonight . Pray for little to no damage to his heart. I certainly will.

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