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Catch 22, continued.

  • Note, this section is from an earlier post to focus the comment today.

"Today, the nurse called me and ask for my Medicare card number for insurance to come to my home and place the needle in the port.. After checking the insurance she then told me that Medicare would not allow then to send a nurse to my house as I was still mobile! So the company with the drug won't ship it to me yet until this is taken care of. The nurse is going to check and get back to me tomorrow with an update on what I have to do to get a nurse to my home to allow my home infusion and save the taxpayers money by doing the infusion myself or if I am going to waste tax payer money and go into a clinic for the infusion. So confusing and so unnecessary. So unless this gets straightened out tomorrow, the drug that is keeping me alive will not be able to be infused on schedule. Catch 22."

Okay. The nurse never called me back about the insurance debacle. So I arranged to have the medicine delivered to my ex-wife's house while I was on my cycle trip with Jim. Well imagine this. They didn't ship it. So now I am late on treatment. Eight days late to be exact. I called on the weekend from the road and got more run around. They didn't ship it because the nurse that failed to call me back failed to check out the insurance. So I had a little fit and they agreed to ship it Monday. I arranged for it to be shipped to my house since I would be home. Well, they called to confirm delivery to my ex wife's house! I straightened that out. Then the Kabafusion case manager nurse called me to tell me she was waiting on a return call from a local nursing service and promised to call me back later that day Monday. No call back. I called her back on Tuesday, early and she said she would call them again. Then she called back and said they would be out out Wednesday. nine days late. So I should tell you all now I was planning on heading to Atlanta for the 4th of July holiday with John Craig, a good friend. And this was messing my travel plans up. Then my luck started to turn. Wednesday morning around 9 am I received a call from the local nursing firm asking if they could come out that day in the morning! I said hell yes! Then my lucked changed again. Two nurses came out and they read the order and decided it said Kabafusion was sending a nurse. I explained to them that had to be a mistake, they were the ones to place the port. Well we spend the next 45 minutes milling around. I was helpful, I said if they left without placing the Huber needle in the port, I would. I then got the bright idea of calling my Kabafusion nurse and putting her on speaker. That finally got the situation straightened out, every one was happy and I got the Huber needle placed in the port after the second try. sigh. this was so hard. But on the bright side, I was able to start infusion a day earlier and I just finished my second infusion in my hotel room in Nashville. Tenn. I will continue infusion's at John's lake house. So all is well that ends well. Finally



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