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Can't Breathe again today after eight weeks in the clear.

Woke up at 5:50am today from a sound sleep because I was not able to breathe. I calmly walked downstairs trying to clear it by breathing in deeply from my nose but was unable to draw enough air to do it. I then (while I was still gasping for air) poured a glass of Pedialyte. Managed a sip and that broke the cycle. But 30 seconds later, it started all over again and I could not breathe. This was the worst one yet. Could not even gasp for air this time. Walked calmly upstairs and put my face into the fan that was running on the floor next to my bed. That seemed to help because then I could gasp for air. After about 30 seconds it went away, and I am breathing normally again.

Cause? Not sure but suspect it was the three anti drool tablets I take every night before I go to sleep. Swallowed them but it did not feel to me like they went all the way down my throat. Drank a couple of glasses of water but still could not feel them move down my throat. But I could no longer sense them there, so I went to sleep. That stuck there all night drying my throat out because when I was waking up, I noticed my mouth and throat were very dry.

So, first solution I will try. Will not take pills orally anymore; I will dissolve them and take via my stomach tube.

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