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BMW Repair final bill.

Was $3,500! New Tire, new rim, new axle bearing and new support strut. All because the run flat didn't work as advertised. I slowed down to 50, drove it for five miles at that speed and it blew up causing all the damage. Meanwhile, the car computer told me it was safe to drive. When the wheel sounded like a wishing machine with a lone sneaker in it. I have appealed to BMW for some help for this expense, i will post their response when and if I get it. So, the rest of the story. I called the dealer at 10am and left a message. I reached out over their web site asking for an update on the car. The story I was told was that parts would arrive on the 9th. I wanted to know if they got all the parts. Tumble weeds and crickets were the response. At 3:30 PM, I received a call back. My car was ready to go! So I called an audible, packed quickly, said goodby to Matt and his girlfriend Julie and headed to the dealer. I was back on the road by 4:30 PM and made it 250 miles to Lisbon, Illinois for the night. Thinking I will be home by 1pm tomorrow. Can't wait to sleep in my own bed! Ciao,


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