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Blind Spot

And was it ever a big one. I thought I was a fairly smart person. Not smart but I don't do stupid things which I have said all my life is what makes me look smart. But was I stupid about one thing. I had planned on checking out when I could no longer go up and down the stairs with comfort. And I was getting very close to that point with my loss of balance and loss of strength now in all of my limbs. I thought it would be sometime next week based on my somewhat predicable regression. I can still walk with a cane and I can still move everything but my strength is down 85% of my left side and probably 50% on my right side. And if I couldn't get up and down the stairs, all the bedrooms are upstairs. But then Tim Storey was over playing Cribbage with me and in a discussion about my health, he mentioned that I should think about moving a bed downstairs. Duho! of course! Why didn't I think of that? I am really kicking myself for missing that one. But a good idea is a good idea and Tim is coming over tomorrow and John LaBreche another friend is coming over to help move a bed from upstairs to probably the dining room area of my house. Of course there several other things that have to be moved down there but that buys me a few more weeks at least.

Another post coming up in a day or three is another friend coming to visit that I haven't seen since we both worked in the pressroom at The Chicago Tribune. 37 years I believe since we last saw each other. More on that, pictures and text, after the visit.


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