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Bike of the day 3 (Yes, I am bored)

This was my first brand new motorcycle. 1978 Honda CBX 500 Purchased it for about $1,500 as I recall. Was a sweet bike to ride. Big enough to be comfortable on a long trip, small enough to ride around town. Was a joy owning this bike.

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Jul 29, 2020

Nice bikes. Definately looks like you're a Honda guy.

I never did get that Honda 250 Scrambler when I was 16. I did, however, own a number of Honda motorcycles from my 20s through my 40s.

I had two Honda CT70 cycles. One was orange and one was black. Honda changed the color each year and you can date them by their color. I think mine were 1977 and 1978. (Just look what those vintage things are going for on ebay today.)

I also had two CT90 cycles and one CT110. They were mules and I loved roaming Anza Borrego on them. Wish I had kept the red one with "buddy tank." My border Collie routinely road on the rear…


Kathy Roland
Kathy Roland
Jul 29, 2020

I love the bikes...I am sure there are lots of fond memories.

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