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Bad Fall

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Well it was a good stretch without a fall and all good things must come to an end.. I received a large statue of a T Rex. I opened the large box on the porch outside. I was being very careful, sitting down in a chair out there opening the box. But I saw some signs that worried me about what I would find when I opened the box. I opened the box and worked out the Styrofoam. And the signs were right. The T rex was broken, badly. So I laboriously loaded the statue back into the box. And got tired. And that is where I should have stopped. But I didn't. I decided to pull the box in the house by the open flap of cardboard on the short end of the big long box. And I tugged it over the threshold and had it just about in the entry way when my hands slipped off the box and I lurched backwards and down quickly to the floor. I hit it hard and while it was going on I said wow my head really accelerated when my back hit the floor and whiplashed it into the the tile floor. I hit the upper left side of my head on the tile and like a experienced faller I have become, I just laid there. accessing my condition. And I wasn't wearing my first alert which ended up being good. Because there was no way I could get up and turn off the alert quick enough and the fire trucks would be here in five to eight minutes and I didn't know what i needed yet at that point. So after about three minutes, I worked my way to a standing position and accessed myself. I didn't feel dizzy or any other sign i had been knocked out. No blood but a big goose egg on my head where it struck the floor. I was okay walking over to my chair. Where I then texted a friend who is a nurse and described everything that had happened. After a few questions I decided not to call for an ambulance or go to the emergency room and put a bag of ice on my; head. And that reduced the knot on my head about 40% in an hour and this morning when I woke up it was 85% or greater reduced. Now I knew I was taking a small chance with a bleed in the brain but hey, I have ALS and wear a "do not resuscitate" and I have also had a few occasions to think abut dying and that wasn't a bad way to go out if I did. Which I didn't so all is good. One change to fix this issue. The UPS guy will bring the packages into the house and my caregivers or friends will be asked to place the statues, And I got one today and that is how it worked. UPS brought it in the house and the caregiver opened it for me. And here he is. Very lifelike.

Howling Coyote

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