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Update! An old problem but no clue how to fix it this time.

I think I figured out to stop this. At least I have not coughed once during the day so far. Step one, break out the rags. A rag in my mouth soaks up the saliva. There isn't that much the Botox really cut the volume to almost zero. But I thought it had to be saliva causing the coughing so I put a rag in my mouth. Step two. Use the cough assist machine. This is basically a vacuum cleaner for your breathing system. It is a mask that you put over your face and it sucks fluid out of your throat and blows air down your airway to inflate your airway and then suck out everything that is in there. I am doing it now about once an hour and while I don't see anything come out I am not coughing. So another workaround discovered.

This started a few days okay and has me stumped. I have already communicated to my doctor about this issue. But here is a brief description of what I am going through, again. I can't breathe. It started a few days ago. I started to cough. A little bit, very mild. that went on for a couple days. Thankfully because I sleep on my side and stomach I don't cough at night. Which gave me a clue. I must be draining mucous or salvia down my throat. But I don't feel it. So then twice in the past two days I start to cough violently, great big coughs and then I can't breathe for a minute or two. So the towel in the mouth isn't solving this. Hydration isn't solving this. I had the guy come out when this started that sent me a cough assist machine last year and showed me how to use it. And that seems offer some relief..... for ten or fifteen minutes. But I am puzzled. I can't think of a solution. And knowing I am going to stop breathing at least once a day is bumming me out.

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