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I laid down to go to sleep tonight at 11:45pm. I did everything like I have been doing it for the past 19 days. No deviation. And I was on a 19 day string of not having any breathing issues. Well that ended about 30 minutes ago. I did all the normal things before laying down with one new twist. I used the suction device right before I lay down. And I can not for the life me of figure out a connection but as I was trying to drift off, I felt like I had too much saliva in my mouth. So I got up and suctioned out my throat and laid down again. Almost fell asleep but just as I was drifting off I felt excessive saliva in my mouth so up I got again and this time after suctioning out a decent amount of saliva I started to cough. Then violently coughing. And then entered a 20 minute cycle of not breathing and then getting through it by reversing the cough machine to force air down my lungs and stopping the vocal fold closure. Then I would cough again and start the whole process over. I am writing this out now as I don't know what else to do. After sitting here for about half an hour I seem to be over it for now. But why this happens after 19 days is beyond my powers of thought right now. But I can say it really sucks.

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