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A visit to the old Neighbor hood

I took a detour South on my way to Matt's house. I went to Newport News were I lived for seven years from 1987 to 1994. I stopped by the old neighborhood and had a pleasant surprise. My next door neighbor Eula Butler was outside. I am not sure how old she is but I thought she was in her late fifties when we lived there 26 years ago. I found her outside picking up sticks and had a nice conversation with her. He son Jeffery still lives with her and she takes him to work everyday due to his health condition that prevents him from driving. And I saw the old house. Man, is it a wreck now! Mold on the roof and tress growing out of the gutters. Hate to think about what it looks like on the inside.

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Wow... Eula looks great at 85+. Also, looks like she could whomp you pretty stoutly with that log in her hand should you be dumb enough to get on the her wrong side.

Good for her! Hope I get to 85 and look that great.

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