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A Miracle!

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

I had an appointment today to receive a second round of Botox to control my excess saliva. I experience another Miracle today. A doctor who listens. And one I had never seen before either. When she came in the room I noticed a couple things she did. She waited for me to respond via the laborious process of typing it out and constantly correcting as my hands are now being impacted by ALS. And not trying to read as I typed which drives me crazy when people do that. So I told her that I noticed the bottom wore off before the top did. She observed that the bottom puts very little Salvia out and I thought, there she goes minimizing my feedback. No she did not! When she was putting the shots in she put four shots in my lower glands, not the two normal shots. . And she observed the risk of doing so would impact my ability to swallow but since I didn't swallow anything no risk. And then she offered me the opportunity to come back in and get a booster shot when it stops working again, observing that it would only take a minute and she could squeeze me in any time i needed it. All in all a very enjoyable trip to the doctors office today.

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