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A little whining for the day.

So, to review, last round of Radacava started six days late. It was a real cluster screw up to say the least. I then called in during the infusion to get clarity on the next round of treatment. Since I started the prior round six days late, I wanted to know what the cycle was going forward. i confirmed that it was 14 days off before the next round from my last day of infusion. So that was July 10th. So, 14 days off means i should start infusion again on July 24th. So I called in Monday, got a text back today, Tuesday to call a different number but not to worry, they would call me. I waited until 11am and decided to call the number. That Nurse wanted to know if I was on a 28 day cycle! I said no. She then said the it looked like someone was working on it in the system but they were at lunch and would call me back. Well, they just called me back and was told they were trying to source the medicine so they could get it me by Friday this week. I asked very politely but with hidden sarcasm should I call in sooner than five days before treatment? I was told, yes, that would be a good idea. They are charging my insurance company $3,000 per treatment so their total revenue per cycle is billed at $30,000 per cycle. Seems to me they would be more on the ball if not for my health and longer life needs, but simply for cash flow for their for profit company. At the start, I didn't have to call, the medicine just showed up two or three days early. Guess I don't understand business the way I thought i did. But I have learned to be a heck of an advocate for myself in this process! Next call? Confirm they nurse that is coming to place my Huber needle in the port. Russ

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22 de jul. de 2020

Get Mark Kurtich on them! :)

Geez... imagine if we ran a newspaper production unit like this.

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