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A different kind of post

I noticed a charge on my Amex account for over $400 to Air BNB. I get notified when ever there is a charge made without the card present. I had to wait three days to dispute the charge because it was pending. So disputed it. And was told today I had to pay for it as the merchant had satisfied them I had placed the charge. Even though I was disputing that I had made the charge. Vehemently I might add. They didn't care. The did offer to suspend the account with Air BNB for four years when I asked for a new credit card number as my card was obviously being used fraudulently.

Then I received another charge for Air BNB but this was only for $30. So I asked how do I get my money back? They told me to contact Air BNB. I mentioned I am mute. But they didn't care. So I went on Air BNB and they were the antidote I needed. So far. They were polite, and helpful but they had to turn it over to another division and I am waiting on line right now for that to happen. And knock on wood, but I didn't have an issue with breathing last night, that was a nice surprise. I slept the night through. And I haven't fallen either in close to a month. So everything is working well for me right now.

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