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A different kind of post

I noticed a charge on my Amex account for over $400 to Air BNB. I get notified when ever there is a charge made without the card present. I had to wait three days to dispute the charge because it was pending. So disputed it. And was told today I had to pay for it as the merchant had satisfied them I had placed the charge. Even though I was disputing that I had made the charge. Vehemently I might add. They didn't care. The did offer to suspend the account with Air BNB for four years when I asked for a new credit card number as my card was obviously being used fraudulently.

Then I received another charge for Air BNB but this was only for $30. So I asked how do I get my money back? They told me to contact Air BNB. I mentioned I am mute. But they didn't care. So I went on Air BNB and they were the antidote I needed. So far. They were polite, and helpful but they had to turn it over to another division and I am waiting on line right now for that to happen. And knock on wood, but I didn't have an issue with breathing last night, that was a nice surprise. I slept the night through. And I haven't fallen either in close to a month. So everything is working well for me right now.

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Vivian Weber
Vivian Weber
31 ene 2022

I'm not happy to hear about that poor AMEX customer service. I've never had any card question my right to made a fraud claim. Thanks for the heads-up. I'll investigate AMEX policies before I run into the same problem. GGlad that you had a restful night.

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Russ Newton
Russ Newton
01 feb 2022
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I can't believe it either! They have been so good at customer service prior to this incident I was literally shocked when I was told, the vendor proved you made the charge. And it wasn't even my current credit card number that was charged! And I was vehemently denying I had made the charge. They didn't seem to care. When I asked for my card to be replaced they only offered to block Airbnb from any future charges for four years. Unbelievable. I told them I believed someone was using my card fraudulently and all they could offer was to block one vendor? If it wasn't so much work to cancel the card and change all the auto debit…

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