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A day in my life as a mute person.

Here is a letter I received yesterday from my Health Care provide here in Madison. I have been assured by all at the practice I go to that everyone there knows I can not speak.

Yes, that is a set up by me.

Here is the letter I received.

Digestive Health Center Gastroenterology

750 University Row

Madison, WI 53705


Mr. Newton,

We received a request to schedule an appointment but have been unable to reach you by phone. Your care is important to us; please call 608-890-5090 so we can assist in scheduling this appointment.

Thank You,

Digestive Health Center Gastroenterology

Here is my response.

Digestive Health Center Gastroenterology

750 University Row

Madison, WI 53705

June 15th, 2021

Thank you for telling me about your attempt to schedule an appointment with me and having no luck. . In fact, here is my current phone number 608-598-7003, but if you call me, I will not be able to answer as I can not speak. If you text me, we can communicate. Or if you email me at we can communicate and perhaps set up this appointment you wish to schedule with me. Or you can communicate with me via the UW Health My Chart app. All work with someone who is disabled like me with the lack of ability to speak. So please follow ADA guidelines and use one of the previously listed methods of communication with me.

Please try one of the methods I have offered above to schedule an appointment, it should work fine.


Russ Newton (Mute and unable to speak)

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1 Comment

Mark Dtayo
Mark Dtayo
Jun 17, 2021

Frustrating! Can you have someone record a message for you explaining the issue and then giving them alternative methods to reach you?. Have the alternative communications options stated a couple of times slowly. Sorry my man! Cannot imagine the frustration.

Also, check out the recorders on amazon for when you are out and about. have someone prerecord some messages to common communications so that is available to you via the recorder.

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