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13 Days, barely....

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

...without breathing issues. I have had several close calls including a call back to a way I used to lose wind. I finished refueling (I no longer eat for taste, I just refuel) I burped and then I couldn't breathe. But I was standing next to my cough assist so I turned it on and forced air down my throat and cleared it before I started whooping for air. So that doesn't count and my streak has reached 13 days. I also had several close calls but that one was the worst. And I know several of you worry if I don't post something, so here you go. Though my left hand is spasming as I type, I can still force it to hit the keys with just a few mistakes.

In other news I have Tim Storey over here playing Cribbage and he is kicking my ass so far. We took a time out to watch the Iowa vs. Indiana Big Ten tournament game. But now back to Cribbage and confirmation I am still on the right side of the dirt looking up!

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