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10 Days!

without an incident of not breathing. Several close calls but never entered the cycle of not breathing/breathing. I am going to call it here now as I have no idea what tonight will bring. But I am hopeful my messing around with drying medication is working.

In other news, I had an old train friend of my fathers stop over today, Craig Bluschke. Last time is saw Craig I am guessing was 44 years ago. We were able to connect through a high school friend of my who also collected trains. My sister had received a letter from another old train friend along with 10 Super eight films on 10 DVDS. She sent them to me and I watched all of them. Hoping to find old videos of my family growing up. Alas, my father focused on trains and scenery. On two long car trips to DC and Seattle not one single scene with a family member in it. But I did see two scenes with Craig in it. So I reached out to Jim and he put me in touch with Craig. So he stopped over today and picked up six of the DVDs to copy. And good time to end, can't type anymore.

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