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Words from the Wandering Man

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Yesterday, we sat down to talk a little bit about ALS. Cheers to those who are following along with us on this journey!


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2 comentários

27 de jan. de 2020

Hope the weather on the drive was okay! I don't feel fit to comment on the speech since we primarily communicate via fantasy football trash talk. But I did not see any correlation with your fantasy football skill. -Zack Johnson


Mark Dtayo
Mark Dtayo
25 de jan. de 2020

I have been meaning to add a thought or two to Russ's site. First I am honored to have been asked to ride along on the trip. Five days in and 1,000 miles down the road and we are having a very enjoyable time. Each city we have stopped at has been distinctly different. Each city has offered differing experiences with its unique offerings to include the locals. Of course there is also the daily dealings with Russ. As I often remind him... he is "not a bad guy." And I mean that most sincerely. We are having fun and I expect that each day will only be more enjoyable. I hope that we see some regular contributor…

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