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Second round of home infusion started!

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

(Yes, getting desperate for content!) Well there was a twist to it. Some you know I am doing the infusion of Radicava myself. The one thing I haven't been cleared for was placing the needle into the port that I had placed in my body surgically on March 16th. Well apparently neither was the nurse! She tried to place the needle twice but could not find the right spot. Since each attempt used up a needle and there were only two in the kit, I was stuck. I had to go into the clinic where I had the port placed and they had to place it. By the way, they placed it where I would have tried to put it in after looking at the missed holes she placed in my body. So I think I am already to place the needle myself on the next round of treatment when I get to my summer home in Wisconsin. But that drama behind me, I have know done two infusions at home with eight more to go over the next eight to twelve days. And I am getting tired of sitting at home!

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