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Oly the dog and some odds and ends. (Many pictures in this post of all the animals we have owned)

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

All my posts of Oly seem to be well liked so here are a few more.

Oly in 2010 right after I found her in a Bird of Paradise clump of flowers in the parking lot of where I worked in downtown LA. The facility was called Olympic, she was a girl, her name was obvious!

This was in my prison cell of an apartment in San Antonio. Oly is convinced she will catch the animals on TV behind the TV.

She is ready to play with them!

Stuffed bull in Downtown San Antonino outside of a bar.

Not sure if it is alive or not. I don't have a picture of this, but downtown SA is filled with horse drawn carriages for tourists. Oly always thought the Clydesdale's pulling them were big rabbits and would strain at the leash in frustration when I wouldn't let her chase them down.

This is Lefty the three legged cat. Again, the name is obvious. But she was born without and was faster than people and dogs so she made do. And she killed a few birds, not many but had to be insulting to be killed by a three legged cat.

This is Joey the dog, he lived with us from 1999 to 2010. He was a great dog, didn't own a leash with him. He was very good about walking about ten feet in front of me. He was only very good until he saw a deer in the foothills in Glendale, CA. Then he would be off on a futile pursuit as the deer were faster going up the sides of the hills then he was. I would go home, angered by his running away. But he would show up at the front door an hour later or a neighbor would corral him and call us to come get him. He was a good dog.

And this is Lucy the cat or Satan as I knew her. All of our pets other than Lucy have been well behaved, friendly and playful. Lucy was a bitter loner. You could only pet her in one spot, on the top of her head, otherwise she hissed. She was Matthews pet when he was about 7 and maybe he handle her too much for her comfort. She stayed out overnight all the time and disappeared for four and five days at a time. (One neighbor said he was gone for several days and when he arrived home and opened his garage, she ran out) But she did something that no other pet ever did. She disappeared for over a week in California. We figured the coyotes finally got her. I came out one morning to get the paper and I saw a black cat up the hill. I called her name. She ran down the hill, let me pet her for a minute, than ran back up the hill. She moved! And she was born in 1996 and was still alive when we moved away in 2015! I spoke with the people who took her in and they said she was a mean cat and ruined all their furniture. The said as she aged, she mellowed out and just spent most of her time on the sofa, sleeping. For all I know, she is still mean and bossing this family around. One can dream, right?

Oly with a do rag on a walk in San Diego, the best place I ever lived.

This is Ruby, the Johnson's dog who really loved Russ AKA The Candy man!

Ruby as guest at the Newton's eating supper with Oly.

Oly at the dog park in our Glendale neighborhood with a bunch of other dogs. (All other dogs are begging for food at the cookout, but Oly never did that!)

Good memory, Sue and went to the 2015 NCAA Regionals in LA and Wisconsin won! (There were some kindly obnoxious Arizona fans behind us assuring us AZ was going to win)

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1 Comment

Apr 27, 2020

Ruby loved the Candy Man!

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