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Sad News.

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Most of you have met or heard about my good dog Oly. I was schedule to fly to Saint Pete's Beach in Florida for Christmas week. I tried to schedule a Rover sitter, a service I have used many times in the past four years with great success. For some reason, I had three confirmed sitters cancel on me, the last one three days before my trip. I found a sitter but they could only watch her at his house. I explained her severe separation anxiety but he reassured me his retired parents were home all day and she would always have a companion. I dropped her off and all seem well. Four hours later, I received a call from a good Samaritan who had found Oly on the I-10 freeway, struck by a car but alive. Took her to an emergency pet hospital but to no avail. She died. I called the Rover sitter and asked him how Oly was doing. He fumbled around and said he was going to call me but had to contact Rover first. He had taken her to a fenced in dog park and let her off the leash. Of course he didn't close the gate so Oly bolted and was trying to run home. Her is my last photo I took of her on the way to Texas from San Francisco. Hopefully this is the only downer posit I put up!

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1 Comment

Jan 19, 2020

Oh no, I am so sorry to hear you lost Oly... she was sweet! What a terrible way to have to lose her.

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