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Results of doctor's zoom Appointment

So my Wisconsin doctor referred me to UCSF doctor for vocal fold closure or as I like to call it, not breathing. Interesting fact is UCSF is where I was diagnosed. .After some confusion on part we had the call. And it was very useful. It was suggested i get some papaya extract and some Robitussin to thin out my saliva. So it arrived today and I have been taking the papaya all afternoon long. With some heavy doubt at the start I must admit because I was instructed to take sublingually (under my tongue) and they are capsules. And I tend to swallow things in my mouth and then I can't breathe. But I am a trooper so I tried it. And guess what? It worked! It stays under my tongue and it does thin salvia out. So that is back to back doctors visits that actually went well. Amazing.

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