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Outcome of Swallowing test today at the Doctors/related to not breathing.

I went to the UW today for a swallow test. This is where they have you take precise quantities of fluid or food in your mouth and swallow it while your throat is being shot by an X Ray. And forgetting all the details behind this, I did receive a good explanation, finally from the medical profession on what the cause was behind my bouts of stopping breathing. It is a fancy name that of course I can't recall but it is when your voice box feels like something is going down the wrong pipe it shuts down to protect the lungs from receiving any food material into the lungs. And the great news? I will not die from this. At worse, I will pass out but the Doctor assured me that deactivates the mechanism that is shutting off breathing. So I will start breathing again if I pass out. Of course all of this is a moot point now, I have figured out through trial and error how to stop this on my own. But knowledge is good to have!

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