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Oly photo Gallery

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

Some of my favorite shots of her over her life. Good dog! Here she is after going after a small animal in a thick set of sharp branches. She ignored all feelings of pain when on the hunt.

Here she has spotted the ferocious squirrel and is looking to save me from a sneak attack.

Ran into this ceramic dog on a walk in Glendale CA, she didn't know what to make of it, very careful in her approach.

Resting after fighting with one of her favorite toys at the time, Mr. Pumpkin.

Smiling and ready to play chase.


Sees a squirrel.

Collecting her toys.


Can I go kill it?


Hunting a scent.

Sees someone coming.

Running in the park by our house in Glendale CA.

Worn out from a long walk in the foothills surrounding Glendale.

Whats up Willis?

Has to be a squirrel or rabbit somewhere?

One of my favorite shots of Oly, at the top of the hill, end of the trail wondering when I am going to catch up.

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