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And do I have it! For the past two weeks I have suffered from insomnia. Lay down at 11pm ever;y night and just lay there, nothing happens. I get up, I lay back down, I drink a glass of milk, I take melatonin, nothing works. It has to be a side effect of one of the medicines that I am taking (they all say it is a possible side effect). I finally asked my doctor for some help and she prescribed Mirtazapine but that hasn't helped (I took it for a week). I purchased some Advil PM and tried that tonight and while it is to soon to give up on it, here I am posting this update at 2:35am! I took a 3 mile walk in 90+degree weather hoping it would tire me out (and it did) but alas sleep still eludes me at this time of night! Well, it won't kill me, I am retired and can sleep in whenever I do fall asleep.

Wide awake Russ.

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Apr 20, 2020

I was having trouble falling asleep a few months ago and got into a better nighttime routine. No electronics at least an hour before bed, read 15-30 minutes at least before bed, try to cut down on liquids before bed (2 hours).

Additionally I try to meditate once a day and often right before I fall asleep. When falling asleep I try to focus on simple things, e.g. what I am thankful for that day as to avoid over thinking. I think everyone is different, feel free to text me and am happy to discus further :)

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