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I am stupid!

So yesterday, I got up, put on a T shirt and shorts and slippers and went outside to turn off the lights I put on every night on the garage and to pick up the newspapers on the front walk. When I started back in I realized that I needed to put the garbage out. So I went back in the house, started a pot of coffee and set the papers down. Then I grabbed the gate opener then went out the back door and locked it. Realizing ten second later with my hand still on the door I had just closed, that I didn't have the keys. No way to get back in the house. So I went to the neighbors and asked them (recall I can't speak very well) and managed to convey my story and they called a locksmith. Then I went back to sit on the front porch and wait. After sitting there for a minute I recalled I had stashed a key in a lock box on the side of the house. I went to it and tried to recall the combination. And I couldn't recall it. So the locksmith came and $270 later I was back in my house. But I do know the combination to the lock box now.

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