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Medical confusion, again.

I have been waiting to get my Covid 19 Vaccine. As you can imagine having this disease does not cry out for home confinement for a year! Particularly when you have two years lef to live. So I want a vaccine bad. I reached out to my ALS doctor in San Antonio at the end of last year to see if I could get the shot from her office. Since they have my records and I do have compromised breathing, I thought it would be logical to go to my ALS Doctor for this shot. Surprise! I was instructed to go to my primary care physician to get the shot. Which is in Wisconsin. And I live in Texas during the winter. I see enough doctors I don't want to have two primary care physicians. But I want the vaccine so I scheduled an appointment that is today. Well this morning, before the appointment, I got a message from my ALS doctors office that I could get the vaccine tomorrow! Now that is what I was trying to do in December, and I had to wait a month for the appointment with a doctor I don't really need. But I am going to go ahead with the visit as it is a video appointment because I have nothing else to do today. But it sure seems convoluted to me to offer the vaccine to me 30+ days after I requested it on the day I am going to waste time with a doctor's appointment to get a Covid Vaccine from I don't need now. But I will bury the headline and tell you all I do have an appointment tomorrow to get my Covid 19 Vaccine!

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