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I have always had to fight with being too self absorbed. And often I lost. It takes others to point it out. Today I wish to acknowledge someone who has over and over again deserved my thanks and not received them. That person is my former wife, Sue Newton.

When I was initially diagnosed with ALS, she flew out from Wisconsin to my home in Hayward, CA and spent a week with me. Amazing.

Then, she was driving back from Florida to Wisconsin and detoured to San Antonio and spent a week with me there. If you are not familiar with the trip, it is quite a detour to hit San Antonio from Florida on the way to Wisconsin. Amazing.

She drove again from Wisconsin to San Antonio to spend this past Thanksgiving with me. Amazing.

For just those three visits, I have to Thank you Sue! And she has done more than that but that is just a taste of how nice she has been to me.

Thank you!


Sue with the Orlando Magic Mascot

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Hi Russ...just following your post....



thanks russ. tjm



Good to see a picture of Sue, it’s been almost 20 yrs, Steve Fazekas

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