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Early Lesson in Management From Joe Cantrell.

I was the pressroom manager at the Daily Press from 1987 to 1994. Early in my time there I learned an important lesson from Joe, the publisher and the guy in charge. I had a couple of guys out working in the parking lot cleaning it up. They were on a break when Joe walked by on his way back from lunch. I went up to his office area to tell him that they guys were working they were just taking a schedule break. He told me he wasn't worried about it, he trusted me to know what was going on with my team and he didn't have to worry about it. That seems like a incredibly easy lesson to learn but I was a very raw manager at that point and was worried he would think they were screwing off. That made a big impression on me and I took as one of my operating principles as I moved up the ranks. Thanks Joe!

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