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Getting ready for the next stage.

1998 Valkyrie

I am starting to shed possessions. Last October I gave my 1998 Valkyrie to my best friend Jim Pagel. I still had two bikes left. Then I gave the second bike, my 2015 Valkyrie to an old friend Mark Dtayo about two months ago. Well to be correct, I planned of giving the bike to him in the will but when I told him about it he didn't want it so I gave it his daughter. And now drum roll, it is time to let the prize of my fleet go, the 2015 Goldwing 40th Anniversary edition. I shipped it off to Jim Pagel because I don't feel confident I can ride it anymore. I have been having two weird cramp like situations. The first one has been going on for a month. It involves my hands. The three fingers that aren't a Thumb or little finger all of sudden stop working and forming into a claw. I rub them and it goes away. I fear ALS but hope it is cramping. And it hasn't happen for a week now so there is hope. Then the past two nights, I have woken up with painful leg cramps, that I can't stretch out of either. And that is really painful until I can get control and stop the cramping. I started drinking a lot of water hoping that is cramps as well but regardless, if either happens while I am riding a cycle only bad news is possible. So that is a milestone I wasn't looking forward to.

2015 Valkyrie

2015 Valkyrie.

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Russ Newton
Russ Newton
19 de abr. de 2021 is the best address for him to use. Thanks! Russ


19 de abr. de 2021

Hey there, Russ. Ian would like to email you. Can you email me your email so that I can pass it along? I admire your positive attitude in all this! Hugs, Sally

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