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Getting ready for the next stage.

1998 Valkyrie

I am starting to shed possessions. Last October I gave my 1998 Valkyrie to my best friend Jim Pagel. I still had two bikes left. Then I gave the second bike, my 2015 Valkyrie to an old friend Mark Dtayo about two months ago. Well to be correct, I planned of giving the bike to him in the will but when I told him about it he didn't want it so I gave it his daughter. And now drum roll, it is time to let the prize of my fleet go, the 2015 Goldwing 40th Anniversary edition. I shipped it off to Jim Pagel because I don't feel confident I can ride it anymore. I have been having two weird cramp like situations. The first one has been going on for a month. It involves my hands. The three fingers that aren't a Thumb or little finger all of sudden stop working and forming into a claw. I rub them and it goes away. I fear ALS but hope it is cramping. And it hasn't happen for a week now so there is hope. Then the past two nights, I have woken up with painful leg cramps, that I can't stretch out of either. And that is really painful until I can get control and stop the cramping. I started drinking a lot of water hoping that is cramps as well but regardless, if either happens while I am riding a cycle only bad news is possible. So that is a milestone I wasn't looking forward to.

2015 Valkyrie

2015 Valkyrie.

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