• Russ Newton

Hitting the road again......

For what may be my last long drive. ALS is cropping up every day annoying me greatly. A couple of days I get wicked cramps in my legs and I an unable to clear them. I can't stretch them out. Or when I am reading the paper, one or both hands seize up and the three inside fingers turn into one balled up painful mess. And I am not drinking at all anymore so I shouldn't be dehydrated. I am still mobile but for how much longer? So enough kvetching about my health. I am taking off tomorrow at noon and hope to make 300+ miles. Then the next day I hope to arrive at my cousin Julie's house around 2pm and hopefully connect up with Sally, Julies sister and another cousin of mine. I am hoping to see all of them at the big family reunion planned for this July.

Julie and Richard Barth.

Sally Bishop and Russ with a pained look on his face!

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