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Day one of cycle trip through Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

So, my good friend Jim

and I took off around 1 pm today and cycled to Ferryville, Wisconsin. Noted for being the longest village in the world, Ferryville has a nice hotel on the North end of the town overlooking the Mighty Mississippi. We had a nice, relax and pleasant ride to our destination today. The weather was perfect, 81 degrees, sunny and with no clouds in the sky. Tonight we are staying in our room and sitting outside staring at the river and drinking a few beers. Some pictures for you to enjoy, More tomorrow as we make our way to Stillwater, Minnesota

Stopped here for a break. A park with nine Indian Mounds they made into a rest stop. Interesting choice and no signage explaining what the mounds are about.i

Jim on the edge of the Wisconsin River.

I guess so many people drown that the state provides life jackets. Only in Wisconsin!

This is our view North from the room.

This is our view South from our room.

This is our view South from our room.

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