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Catch 22

Update on the medical port placement debacle, Stage two. To catch everyone up, when I arrived in Wisconsin, they company I get my medication for infusions arranged to have a nurse come out to place the port. Well that worked so well, they have to change it. So now I am ready for my next round of infusions but the company that provided the nurse told me I had to go to a doctor in Wisconsin (during Covid 19) to get an order from a Wisconsin doctor to place the needle in the port. So I went. And the doctor put in the order. So, all caught up? Good. Today, the nurse called me and ask for my Medicare card number for insurance to come to my home and place the needle in the port.. After checking the insurance she then told me that Medicare would not allow then to send a nurse to my house as I was still mobile! So the company with the drug won't ship it to me yet until this is taken care of. The nurse is going to check and get back to me tomorrow with an update on what I have to do to get a nurse to my home to allow my home infusion and save the taxpayers money by doing the infusion myself or if I am going to waste tax payer money and go into a clinic for the infusion. So confusing and so unnecessary. So unless this gets straightened out tomorrow, the drug that is keeping me alive will not be able to be infused on schedule. Catch 22.


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Jun 28, 2020

I actually watched that movie again last week. Art Garfunkel was terrible and should never had tried acting. Otherwise... a fantastic watch!

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