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This phone scam being run on me is amazing in its stupidity and bullshit. They steal my number, call hundreds of people but don't ever speak to them or leave a message! What is the point? It makes no sense. And in spite of my earlier stated fear of theft, they can't steal anything from me. My Bank account requires three levels of identification to access money and they only have the phone number. I would love to repay the favor, steal their number, call hundreds of people and have their phone ring off the hook. And most of the people that I send to voice mail are genuine and nice. But a couple are downright nasty! Threatening me with bodily harm or cursing me out. Or saying they will turn me into the Government for calling them so many times and hanging up. I really enjoy sending them this message. 'So sorry for wasting your time. I am retired on full disability and can only speak with great difficulty. My number has been hacked and I am sorry they have been calling you with my number. I did not call, will not call and can not call. Please have a blessed day" I just received my 27th call of the day and they left the message that the assumed I am from Toyota calling about their Prius and to please call them back. This is getting amusing now!

Rant for the week.

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1 Comment

Jun 11, 2020

This happened to me as well, but thankfully it stopped after a day or two

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