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Bucks win big game!

Mark and I attended the game and had great seats, 18 rows up and mid court. But first the day. We had a quiet night after the Brewers won their game against the Cubs! Disappointing for Mark but great news for me. Six games up! Then we had a nice lunch at the Capital Grill a famous Steakhouse in Milwaukee. I had the lobster mac and cheese, delicious! Shad Branen joined us (Marks Brother in Law) for lunch. Then we went back took a short nap then walked over to the game. I found my father in laws Hall of fame plaque along the way..

Don Gehrmann was a famous Miler in the 40's and 50's he won 53 Consecutive NCAA Division one mile races during his career at the University of Wisconsin. And he went to the Olympics as a freshman in 1948 at placed 7th. When he would have had a much better chance of medaling in 1952 he passed to take a job at $10.000 a year as a spokesman for a brewery! Google him and learn more about him.

Shad Branen and I at the Capital Grill. Shad is an Alderman, business owner and a raconteur.

A message from Mark to Shad and his Mother.\

Mark with a special need patient!

Me predicting the victory before the game!

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1 comentário

Mark Dtayo
Mark Dtayo
02 de jul. de 2021

That was soooooo fun! Thank you!!

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