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Bucks Win!

In my continuing quest to experience the best that life has to offer while I am still mobile, I went to Game 3 of the NBA Finals last night and enjoyed an great game between the Bucks and Suns. And the right team won. This time. Sat in the same spot as I have for the past two games I went to, Section 106, row 18 Seats 16 & 17. I think this might be my last outing, ALS is moving relentlessly and not sure I can make the drive much longer. Hoping and praying I am wrong, but I am dropping both feet now when I walk and the fasciculations are getting worse.

Jim Pagel was my partner in this crime. Fortunately for Jim he took this picture without making a face. I have two others where he is putting on a full handicap look.

Some dude who appears to be a big fan!

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