• Russ Newton

Video from the twin artists who decorate my sidewalk in front of my house.

The twin girls that live next door to me so kindly have decorated the sidewalk in front of my house for the past three years. The person I was renting to David Pagel (Jim's older brother) rented my home when I was working in San Francisco and he is the one the first extended the invitation to the budding young artists next door to decorate the front of the house. I extended that permission when I moved back here on disability. So i gave them both cards with $20 in each card to thank them for it. And then they did this lovely video for me, thanking me. Sorry it is on its side, I can't not figure out how to rotate it.

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Guest Post Chip Crozier

Russ, you are to be commended and are truly an inspiration in every sense of the word. I have never known anyone else who has tried so hard and so successfully to make the best of an absolutely mis