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Venting Post

The DMV experience in Texas is usually so different than California. When I was in my last month in California, I had to get a driving license there to file my State Disability Claim. So it only took me five seperate trips to the California DMV to do this. That is normal for DMV in California, I lived there for 18 years and you dreaded going to the DMV. So I moved to Texas in 2016. First Time I went to the DMV, it took 20 minutes. Then second time, 15 minutes. It was amazing. The web site told you what you needed and if you had it, it was very fast and easy. Amazing. So, I had to go the Texas DMV thinking it would be the same way. I went to their website and looked up what I needed to have to title and plate my car in Texas. Simple. An application form you download and file out. Proof of insurance. The Title you are turning in. That is all. Then I noticed on locations there was a third part company very close to my home that was authorized to do this. So I went there. Strike one. They were confused by the Title since the DMV mistakenly put a lien on the title but than attached a letter on DMV letter head explaining there was no lien and they released it. So they then sent to me to a DMV. It was 18 miles away but I am retired so I went. They asked there if I had an appointment. I said that was an option on the first page and when I clicked on it the next page said nothing about an appointment. And I looked at your location online and does not state that. She took pity on my and looked at my paper work. She then told me I had to go to the County Tax Assessor for that transaction. So I drove there, another six miles. There was a line of five people outside the Tax Assessor's office. It took ten minutes to get inside. Then you take a number and wait another 20 minutes. Then I get called up. After looking at all my paper work the attendant asks me for proof I paid sales tax in California. I said I imagine I paid it when I bought the car, do you think the dealer wouldn't collect it? She said they needed to see it. So I went home and emailed the dealer and they sent me a copy of my sales agreement showing I paid the sales tax of 9.25% or $11,750. So I drove back to the Tax Assessor's office and this time it was more normal. No line, my number was the first one called after five minutes. It did a while to get through the process, but all told my total time there this time was 30 minutes and I did get the title (in the mail) and plates so now I am legal in Texas, Yeah!

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Russ Newton
Russ Newton
Nov 05, 2020

It did work well in the end, thanks!


Nov 04, 2020

Glad everything worked out! Hope all is well

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