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Update on Travels.

So I left my home in Texas and drove to El Paso. I am not a fan of El Paso I can tell you that much. It is hot and dusty and dirty. I stayed in an Old Hotel after I tried to check into the Artesian Hotel. It was sold out. So I stayed in the only hotel in the world that air conditions their rooms by the following method. The have big AC units running in the hall and they get the air into the room by leaving the transom open over the hotel room doors. And believe it or not, it seems to work. It was 98 degrees when I checked in and my room was comfortable. But it didn't look promising when I checked in. So then I left there and drove to Glendale, AZ and stopped at my sisters house. As I have mentioned elsewhere on the blog, getting ALS has made me a better brother to her. Before we fought every time we got together. Now we seem to get along. Can it be because I can't talk anymore?

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