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Update on self care.

Well, I have tried to place the access needle in the port twice and failed both times. It is much harder than it looks, I can say that. But I am forced to accept the fact that I will have to have someone who is trained to do this procedure be there at the start of each round. Speaking of that, my upcoming trip to San Antonio for a doctors appointment is causing some challenges to say the least. I land on the 26th, see the doctor on the 27th and plan on leaving on my motorcycle to travel to Maryland. The issue is I am supposed to start another round of infusion on the 30th. On the 30th, I should be in Charlotte NC. So I have to get the drug shipped to my Texas home on the 27th. Which requires it to ship from Los Angeles, not New Jersey. Then, I have to get a nurse to come by my Texas home to place the port on the 27th so I can start treatment on the 30th on the road. I will be sharing pictures of this process as it happens. But my thought now is to do it in the hotel room and then at my friends house. Stay tuned!

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