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Update on my rough night

So I have been waiting to get schedule for a procedure to resolve my excess drooling. I think that is cause of the most recent attacks. First time it went back to back to back. Yes, after I put the post up it happened again. Three times with about two minutes break in-between before the air starvation happen again. Though I must point out this is different than before. The biggest difference is that I am able to suck in about 10% air when it is happening. So it isn't jarring like not being able to get zero air in. But it is also not enough air flow so I whoop and suck in involuntarily until it abates. But back to the procedure. I will be getting several injections of Botox. I am not a vain person though, this is not to get rid of wrinkles, it is to paralyze my saliva glands. The have to find the glands with some kind of scope then they inject Botox into the Glands. They study I read on this procedure. indicated 31 out of 32 people that under went this procedure had success. And no known side effects either. That is very unusual in my experience. So I am banging metaphorically on my Doctors door to get me in. Will let you all know when I succeed in getting schedule.

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